Review Policy

Hi there!

I am currently accepting books for review purposes if you are an author or a publisher of English books. The reviews will be posted on this blog, thereadingberry, on Goodreads, and depending on the book, it will be featured on my Instagram as well. If you would like me to post it on any other website, please inform me and I will try my best.

If the book is a sequel in a series, I may request for the previous book(s) as well.

Once I have read the book and reviewed it, it might stay on my shelf, be donated, or be gifted to my friend. In the case of eBooks, it will just be kept in my library or deleted if I really need to. Books in any form sent to me will not be sold.

My reviews are my honest opinions and I will keep it that way, I often include values in my reviews as well. Please be aware that I will turn down review requests that I have no interest in.

Book Formats

Physical copies – I accept both paperbacks and hardcovers.

eBooks – I accept eBooks in .epub (open-souce eBook format) and .mobi (Amazon Kindle format).

Book Genre

What I’m interested in:

  • Young adult
  • Fantasy of any type (urban fantasy, high fantasy etc.)
  • Science fiction
  • Mystery / Thriller /Crime
  • Retellings
  • Dystopian
  • Graphic novels
  • Contemporary
  • Fiction
  • Poetry


Any other genre not mentioned in the list above will be taken into consideration.


What I will not accept:

  • Erotica
  • Biographies
  • Religious texts
  • Journals
  • Speech
  • Essay

To Request a Review

You can either send me an email ( or fill in this contact form.I will respond as soon as possible. Again, please do not be discouraged if I do turn down a request.