Fighting Procrastination: August Goals/Plans

Do you have a problem with procrastinating? I certainly do. I cannot count the number of times I’ve wasted an entire day and have no idea what I was doing. Then, by the end of the month, I look back and feel awful for not achieving anything. So, I decided to start each month with a goal/plan. Not sure how well this will work but I’m hoping it will keep me in track!


I’m planning to join my first ever readathon! Aentee from Read at Midnight created an amazing video-game related readathon: TheReadingQuest and I’ll be joining that. It’s such a cool concept, I love the video-game aspect as I do enjoy playing them and seeing two of my hobbies fused into one is just perfect. It’ll encourage me to read more too and take down some of the books on my TBR.


Just a little info: I flew to Australia from Malaysia in February to pursue my studies in university. I’ve never flown alone so it was scary yet exciting to be in a new country. I’m currently studying creative writing and I don’t feel like I practice writing enough. My goal for this month is to write at least 30 minutes a day, doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s a start. I also have some story ideas in mind and needed some pressure to start writing.


I’ve neglected this blog way too many times, I think it’s time to come back. I’m aiming for one post a week. Don’t want to get TOO ambitious as I do have LOADS of university work and activities. I’m planning to write about other things instead of just doing book reviews. Maybe some book tags and, thoughts and experience as a creative writing student.

take pictures.png

I love bookstagram, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’m not using my camera to its fullest potential. Australia is such a lovely country with an amazing coffee culture and has free festivals for anyone to attend! I’m hoping to improve my photography skills by getting out of my comfort zone and actually take photos outside my room.


Last year, I sold hand-painted bookmarks on Twitter for some extra income. I was pleasantly surprised and so happy that the customers loved them! My desk became a production line. I was churning out bookmarks. Painting for hours and hours. It’s been a while since I’ve made some art and I really want to get back into it. I’m not quite planning to sell them, just wanted to make a goal to paint again.

2016-11-27 10.04.03 1
the front of the character bookmarks
2016-11-27 10.06.02 1
the back of the character bookmarks









Those are 5 of my goals, hopefully I’ll get them done by the end of August. Wish me luck!


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