Oh Sweet Heavens of Books//Popular RM5 Book Fiesta

This book sale was heaven. Paperbacks, hardbacks, graphic novels and everything were all priced at RM 5 (~US$ 1.22). I roamed around the rows and rows of books laid on the table, eyes scanning each and every title. There were just so many to pick from. I placed every book that caught my eye in the trolley I was given and soon, it was overflowing with books till the point that some kept falling out of the trolley.

There were books like Schindler’s List by Thomas Keneally, All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, different editions of The Revenant and so many more! It was amazing to see so many selections and hardbacks! Oh, the hardbacks. They were simply gorgeous.
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I bought a total of 15 books but there were so many more I wanted to take!

  1. The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell (Hardcover)


This was partly a cover buy (the golden title is beautiful in real life) and partly because many of my friends seemed to be so excited to read this middle grade book.

2. The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor (Part 2) by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga (Hardcover)


I thought this was the second book to The Walking Dead series but it upon coming home and checking it properly, it turns out that ‘part two’ did not mean part two in the series. It meant part two of The Walking Dead: The Fall of The Governor. I was so excited to finally continue the series too. Looks like I’ll have to wait till I get the right books.

3. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (Hardcover)


I’ve been wanting to read this contemporary novel for quite some time already and was so excited when I found a hardcover and signed copy in the book sale for only RM5! So worth it!

4. The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (Paperback)


So many people I know adored this book, I just had to pick up this contemporary even though I don’t normally read contemporaries. This book is about love and loss, so I think it would be a great read!

5. The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel (Paperback)


Some of my friends were raving about this book on twitter so when I saw it I had to grab it. It sounds like something I would enjoy too! A girl set out to kill her soon-to-be husband, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

6. The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey (Hardcover)


This was also a cover buy. I love this cover, and it’s fantasy which is my favourite genre. From the back of the book, our main character is runaway pickpocket. Interesting.

7. The Revenant by Michael Punke (Paperback)


Picked it up because of the movie!

8. Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis (Hardcover)


Read the blurb and gosh, this sounds like a gruesome and twisted book. The main character apparently eats people? I’m very intrigued.

9. The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin (Hardcover)


I saw the word dragons. So, I bought it. Also, the dust jacket opens up to a poster. Gorgeous!

10. Corsair by James L. Cambias (Hardcover)


Space pirates. Space pirates. Space pirates. I’m sold

11. The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch: Volume One by Daniel Kraus (Hardcover)


The cover attracted me at first, it looks like a book set in a steampunk world which is always fantastic. It’s about a boy who is ressurected, I’m really interested to see how it unfolds.

12. Black Heart by Holly Black (Paperback)


This is the first book in Holly Black’s Curse Workers series, I’ve been wanting to try a Holly Black book for quite a while. This is about a family of con artist in an urban fantasy setting.

13. Red Glove by Holly Black (Paperback)


The second book to the Curse Workers series

14. White Cat by Holly Black (Paperback)


The third book to the Curse Workers series.

15. The Nest  by Kenneth Oppel (Hardcover)


This is a middle grade horror, which is something I do not read often. It’s about a boy who tries to save his little brother and encounters a mysterious wasps queen.

That was all the books I got from the sale! I’m really happy with what I bought and this time I didn’t impulse buy like the last book sales, I loaded my cart with books then filtered. So all these books are books that I genuinely want to read and hopefully I will be able to take them down from my TBR pile faster that way.


6 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Heavens of Books//Popular RM5 Book Fiesta

  1. BOOK SALES ARE THE GIFT OF HEAVEN. Amazing haul, I’m so jealous of that hardbound and signed copy of All the Bright Places! I also adored The Sky is Everywhere, it’s really a moving and touching story. Hope you’ll have a blast reading your books. :))

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